I’m Laura and welcome to my blog.

OK so if you come here hoping to learn how to juggle I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed.  I can’t juggle.   Well not balls, batons or fruit.

What I am trying to juggle on a daily basis is life itself!  I’m a single Mum to a gorgeous, crazy, fun, strong willed, train loving 4 year old (Harrison).  I also work full time in a relatively senior role, have a very sick and disabled Mum who we live with and a slightly mad Labrador.

For probably obvious reasons I don’t plan on going into much detail about either my work (I don’t want to get sacked!) or my Mum on here.

And ironically of course this blog is just another thing I am going to need to juggle.

What I am planning on talking about is Harrison and our adventures.  We love days out and I try my best to go somewhere every weekend.  We have a Merlin Pass, National Trust membership, Woodland trust membership, ZSL membership and Duxford membership!  Wow I’m exhausted just writing all of that!

We also have a massive love of all things Disney!  Despite only being 4 Harrison has been lucky enough to have experienced Disneyland Paris 3 times and earlier this year we went to Walt Disney World (which I get asked if we can go back to on a daily basis!).   I’m also sure that I’ll end up rambling about my views on various other random other things as well.  And hopefully there will be a few tips on juggling along the way.

Join me in my juggling!

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