Aaaaggggghhhhh IT woes and a scary picture!

Ok so lets get the scary picture out of the way first.  This is me currently.  I’m in bed and its 6.30am, Harrison is sitting next to me watching some rubbish (sorry, I mean educational programme)  on my Ipad and I’m frustrated beyond believe that I can’t get anything to work the way I want to on my trusty laptop.

Its not the laptops fault (I’m fairly sure its not anyway).  I think its my incompetence, with maybe a few software issues thrown in.

I’ve never been that great with IT.  I’m fairly good with the basics.  I can master a spreadsheet (not to pivot table level but fairly close), produce lovely looking things in word, produce a good presentation in Powerpoint and I love Outlook.  However anything much more involved that that and I’m pretty rubbish and there is nothing, absolutely nothing as frustrating as when you can’t get something to work!

Now don’t get me wrong, I managed to get up my own website.  This website.  And for me that is a major achievement.  I still cant actually believe I did it.  Go me!  I did have one failed attempt along the way, but we will gloss over that for now.

My sorry tail begins yesterday.  I took my laptop with me to finish editing Day 2 of our Walt Disney Trip for my youtube channel (check it out here….it’s amazing, honest!), whilst Harrison had his Stagecoach lesson.

However when I went to convert the file for uploading it all started going wrong.  I must have spent about 3 hours so far trying to get this sorted.  This morning I tried splitting the vlog in 2 but at the time of typing I still don’t have any part of Day 2 on the internet. It is so frustrating and I have a million other things that I should be doing instead.

I also am trying to split out my blog entries onto different pages.  I can create other pages, but can I get the posts on them?  Nope!  And I’m nervous to fiddle around too much in case I ruin what I’ve already done.

Again, this is my incompetence I’m sure, and I reckon when I discover how to do it eventually, probably after wasting several hours, I’ll say ‘oh is that all you have to do’.   In exactly the same manner as when I discovered how to (eventually after several frustrated hours) incorporate the Amazon associate links into my threads.   There’s one below!  Go me.  I remembered how to do it.

So I guess I had better start trying to get this Vlog up again.   Sorry for the whinging post at 7am on a Sunday morning.  If anyone reading this, is an IT genius and has any tips please feel free to share.  And if anyone hears a scream and sees a laptop being thrown out of a window, then its probably me.

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