‘I can’t remember’

I love my son dearly.  I really do.  He is my absolute world, but….some of the things he says drive me a bit potty!

‘I can’t remember’ – this is his standard response to most questions.

Me: ‘what did you do today?  Harrison: ‘I can’t remember’

Harrison: ‘I’m hungry’.  Me: ‘what do you want?’   Harrison: ‘I can’t remember’.  That’s not even an answer to the question!!!!

‘Are we nearly there yet’

I think most parents have experienced this one!  The conversation normally goes like this.

Harrison: ‘are we nearly there yet?’.   Me: ‘no there’s still a way to go’   (I should add at this point that this is the same journey we do every day to nursery.  Harrison: ‘how long Mummy’.  Me: ‘ about 20 minutes’.  Harrison: ‘that’s too long Mummy. Make it quicker.’ Me: ‘sorry I can’t.  Look at all the traffic’.   2 minutes later,  Harrison: ‘mummy are we nearly there yet!’.  Aaaaggghhhh!

‘I’m hungry’

Literally all the time!  Bu funnily enough he’s only hungry for certain foods.  I find myself constantly saying ‘if you were really hungry you’d eat it’

‘Why?’, ‘What’s that’ and ‘How?’

Harrison questions everything and has taught me in turn how little I know about the world (and I considered myself relatively intelligent!).  He wants to know what everything is and how everything works.  Why do we have electric trains now?  How is electricity made?  What is in there?  Why is that there?  I’m quite often mentally exhausted by the time I get to work.  And I use google a lot!

I shouldn’t complain as it is great that he wants to know all of this stuff (and as his nursery teacher told me ‘Harrison is excited about literally everything). However I feel I need to get educated!  I’m was more into the arts at school and Harrison is definitely a science/ engineering lover!

On the other hand I adore the way he says ‘I’ve got an idea’ and sings constantly, he makes up hilarious little rhymes and although it drives me mad I love his enthusiasm and questioning nature.  He is interested in everything and that can’t be a bad thing.



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