‘A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…’

Today, I surprised Harrison with a trip to the theatre to watch The Gruffalo show.

We love all of Julia Donaldson’s books and this is a definite favourite.  I think I’ve probably read it so many times I probably know it off by heart.

I was slightly apprehensive about seeing it on the stage and how it would be represented.  However, both Harrison and I were thoroughly impressed.

Harrison goes to Stagecoach lessons and was awarded with the class bear for this week for good work in yesterday’s lesson and therefore Wilma also had to come to the theatre.

There were just the 3 actors in the production and they played all the characters.  I have to admit when it first started I really wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, but actually it was excellent.  It was very cleverly done, very funny and there was great audience interaction.    The set was simple, but clever and the actors had impressive energy levels.

Harrison was slightly disappointed that the ‘snake’ didn’t look anything like a snake, but I think that was his only criticism.

It was just the right length of time for little people (just over an hour I think) and everyone I spoke to seemed to also really enjoy it.

If you have a small person and the show is coming to a theatre local to you I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Obviously we also had to read the book (again) tonight along with another of our Julia Donaldson’s favourites The Smartest Giant in Town

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