The Joy of Tiny Houses

Yes, I’m talking Bekonscot!

My first visit to this gorgeous little model village was when I was 5.  It was my first ever school trip.  I can vividly remember 3 things from this day:

  1. I bought a rubber with a butterfly on it from the little gift shop.  I loved it.  I think I wanted the pencil as well but I didn’t have enough money for it.
  2. I thought that all future school trips would also be to Bekonscot and that was where you went on all school trips.  I was so disappointed when my Dear Dad informed me that I would actually get to go to different places in the future.
  3. I nearly got left behind (on more than one occasion!).  I (like my son) have a tendency to day dream and therefore several times the group I was with walked off while I was still busy looking at something.   Incidently some 10 years later I nearly got left behind again on a school trip, however this time it was more due to talking and not paying attention!


I’ve taken Harrison 3 times now and each time we’ve had a lovely time.  Its probably not a full day attraction, but you can definitely enjoy a good few hours there.  There is a little train you can go for a ride on (costing £1 per person at the time of writing), the village itself, a playgroup, a shop and a restaurant that serves pretty good food

The model village itself is based on 30’s Britain and it feels absolutely British.  There is also such a nice atmosphere about the place.   I can’t put my finger on it, but everyone (well when we went anyway) is polite, friendly and there is a nice vibe about it that you don’t always get at larger attractions.

The attention to detail in the village is truly outstanding.  Some of the shop names are very clever and the whole thing is very cleverly put together.

My only recommendation is to come prepared with lots of £1 coins!  There are several little attractions that all require a £1 coin.   Obviously you don’t have to do them (or let your children do them), but its hard to resist all of them!  I am a bit of a soft touch (clearly) and ended up spending several £ on these!

We will definitely be back again!

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